I first attended Pilates classes over fifteen years ago; they sparked an interest and eventually a career change. I have been teaching Pilates since 2010; firstly I did my mat work training with Corpus Pilates, and later, my fully comprehensive equipment Pilates with Lolita’s Legacy. Pilates for me personally, has always been about managing pain, being able to move freely and comfortably and live a full and active life the way I want to. As a Pilates teacher, I love being able to help people move to the best of their ability, allowing them the freedom and confidence to live life as they wish to. I started working with Claire in lockdown. Having had twins ten years earlier, I had since lived and worked around “movement and exercise concessions”. I did part one of her WBPH online course, alongside classes with Claire. This work made a huge difference to me and how I felt and moved in my body. It felt like finding the missing piece of a jigsaw. When I saw how much difference Whole Body Pelvic Health principles and exercises made to clients I introduced, I knew this was the way forward in my teaching journey. I live just south of Glasgow and currently teach mat classes in Stewarton, as well as equipment classes in a lovely home studio.