My professional Pilates journey began ten years ago with Polestar in London (UK) where I completed my Mat and Comprehensive training. I LOVE Pilates because it is a delicious form of movement that is accessible and complementary to absolutely everyone. The ultimate condiment, in my opinion! In 2017 I opened the Pilates Recipe Studio in Christchurch, New Zealand, working with people of all ages and abilities, privately and in very small groups. Curiosity behind pelvic health has been growing for years since having my children, and thanks to my dear friend Jenny Newbury (who is also a WBPH mentor), I was introduced to Claire Sparrow and embarked on her Whole Body Pelvic Health (WBPH) mentorship programme. The WBPH Method has provided me with a whole new lens to support all of my clients in an even more holistic way, complementing the ambitions of my studio to create positive, delicious and intelligent movement patterns for each individual. I am excited to integrate the principles of WBPH to help everyone within the Pilates Recipe Studio achieve tangible results.