The pelvis is key to Whole Body movement but also is the site most affected by period pain, childbirth, gastric issues and surgery.  For women the natural soft, feminine curves of the abdominal wall have become the target of many mainstream exercise regimes and media platforms which portray the angular, taut “six-pack” look as the new desirable female shape.  Recently I studied Claire and Anna’s course and have since adopted Claire’s Pelvic Health principles of breath, release, movement, control and co-ordination as a basis for my Pilates sessions.I have seen softening and balance restore natural pelvic rhythms in walking and everyday whole body and remarkable improvements in pelvic ease and comfort. I am privileged to have the skills and knowledge to confidently guide my clients towards their new Pilates bodies, regardless of age, fitness level, medical history or starting point. Watching everyone develop the sublime quality of being “Poetry in Motion” through my work is an absolute joy.