From Chaos to Calm: My Daily Rituals for Thriving as a Pilates Studio Owner, Mom, and Author

The first step in restoring the health & function of your pelvic floor is rebalancing your breathing.

People often ask me how I have the energy and focus for all that I do between running my Pilates studio, my online pelvic health community, and being a mum to three awesome boys! Oh yes and writing a book, presenting, and speaking internationally.

Claire teaching a class as part of her daily rituals

One answer is that I start each day with a pretty strict routine and end with one too! It’s something that I’ve refined and evolved for years, and the absolute non-negotiable is moving my own body before I teach anyone to move theirs! I have also introduced a breathwork routine, a sauna lamp, journaling, and a great breakfast, plus a walk to work and getting to do a job I utterly love!!

This might sound like a lot, but it takes me around 45 minutes to an hour these days, and I started with 10 minutes of movement every morning. I started laying my mat and ball out on the floor beside my bed so that I could roll out of bed and onto my mat. This was where I focused on the restorative practice of my own pelvic health exercises.

It set me up for the day with myself as a priority, and this not only shifted my prolapse but also my mindset and helped me cope with being a busy mum and business owner. What could a daily ritual of ten minutes a day help you achieve? Could you set your alarm ten minutes earlier and take that time for yourself to prioritise your pelvic health at the start of your day? ⏰

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